Founded in 2021, Cheshire Paints has gone from a one man operation from Conor's bedroom, to an artwork business that serves private commission customers, a retail audience and our commercial partners.

From small beginnings painting for the love of it from his bedroom, as Conor's artistic abilities grew so did his business.

Driven by a desire to outwork and outperform other artists, Cheshire Paint was born. Now refurbishing his second dedicated studio and acquiring a private showroom in Altrincham, Conor and Cheshire Paint has only ever gotten bigger and better. By always finding a way to say 'yes', first the size of the canvas grew, then the technicality of the painting itself until Cheshire Paint became notorious for XXL abstract pieces.

The team has expanded in this time too, most notably Declan joining forces to help with all things business and installations.

One thing remains the same however, a commitment to the brands and Conor's mission statement: 

"To provide original handmade artwork while over-delivering on quality and personal service".

 The History In Pictures.

  (2024 - Working On Elevate Collection) 
 (2024 - In The Second Studio)

(2023 - Phonecalls In The Altrincham Showroom)

(2021 - First Pop-Up Showcase)
(2022 - Declan Joins The Mission)



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