why commission artwork from me?

I have exhibited artwork in multiple countries around the world, hosted 10+ solo exhibitions, featured in the RHS Flower Show. I currently have work in stores such as Arighi Bianchi and Stocktons Manchester. Interior designers all around the U.K. source my work for their private clients. 

I create all of my artwork in my own large art studio (located in the heart of Cheshire). Large enough to create as big as you need. I have my own showroom in Altrincham, Manchester. I invest heavily in creating the perfect piece of artwork for you. I even have an in house install team to hang your artwork for you. 

I have pursued art as my career for years now and did not get to where I am today by accident. Consistently reinvesting and tweaking my methods to provide the perfect artwork for my clients is my passion. 

I will paint for you no matter where you are located, anywhere in the world. I enjoy meeting my clients at the start of their journey with me if I can whether that be in my showroom or coming to their space... and yes, that's right, anywhere in the world. If you want me to see your space - I will come. Of course I can ship any size artwork to you anywhere in the world but I can also install worldwide, just let me know what you need and it can be arranged. (All the services I offer are in-house, no random contractors. Only my team, who have done everything a hundred times.) 

How do I price my work? I price my work on how much work is needed to complete your requests. Usually on size, the bigger you go the bigger the price tag, installation, travel etc. Trust me its not cheap on my end either! I can give you an estimated price instantly, just reach out.

Commissioning artwork from me is not just based on painting a canvas and charging money. It's an experience, its the years of practice, the work I put in. If this is something that you do not appreciate, I politely ask that you look elsewhere. My business has been built from scratch, trialing things over and over again until it's where I want it to be.

If you appreciate original artwork that will last you a lifetime it would truly be my pleasure to paint for you. I live and breathe my work, I'd love to welcome you in.  


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