Installation Service

Once you have purchased/commissioned your artwork, you have the option of getting the artwork installed. We use the best quality hanging materials, brackets, and lasers to ensure that your artwork does not move over time and perfectly level. We leave no mess behind. We have all the gear to reach any area in your space. If specialist equipment is needed we will organise that too. We do not send random contractors, everything we do is in-house and has been done hundreds of times.

No, its not just a hammer and nail..

There are a few options to choose from, the most popular being our "fixed" solution. This ensures that you can have artwork hanging anywhere in the house without worrying about it getting knocked or moved (kids and dogs!!). We fix your artwork at four points to your wall. You cannot see any of the fixings once it's up. We can also guide you on where the best placement for the artwork is. 


Having your artwork installed takes the pressure off you. Artwork can be fragile and awkward to move around, especially large pieces. Investing in bespoke artwork is a big deal, its important to ensure the work you have bought is sitting correctly on your walls.

Installation starts from £90 per piece. If you already own a CheshirePaint original, feel free to reach out to have it installed.


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