My artwork is 100% original and hand crafted, I have never done a print. I build the frame to size, stretch the canvas, paint the canvas and more than likely hand deliver the piece. My installation team can also hang the piece for you.

I create to represent freedom to do whatever you want. As you can see in most of my work - there’s no rules. I aim to create pieces that are mesmerising, artwork that shows you different things every time you admire as they’re full of detail. I aim to elevate your space like no other.

I don’t have special messages or deep meanings behind my work. I just do my own thing and create with freedom. It’s not for everyone and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When it comes to commissioned work - I do like to have my clients input in colours/style to ensure they love the piece I create for them.

All my artwork is created with acrylic paint & sealant/gloss. When creating certain pieces where I pour paint, I mix with different glues and thinners, this allows the paint to merge together nicely. My canvas is 35mm deep unless requested otherwise..ready to frame if you want!

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